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White Wine Selections 

Red Wine Selections 

Pinot Grigio

Dry White Wine 

You will enjoy this light, crisp, dry white wine as you inhale the delicately fragrant aromas of pear and citrus fruit. It will be as pleasing to you palate as it is to soothing your soul. It is delightful with a light afternoon lunch or paired with a light meat, chicken or seafood for a sumptuous evening meal.

Bottle: $12.95    

Old Vine Zinfandel

American Red Table Wine

Made from the grapes of long-established vines in California, this big red treasure has long been a favorite of devoted wine lovers everywhere. It will entice your senses with the flavors and aromas of rich, ripe grapes and dark red cherries with a hint of spiciness. It pairs well with simple burgers and pizza or dishes with thick, red sauces. It is at its best served at room temperature.

Bottle: $18.95    


Dry White Wine 

Enjoy the floral and apple aromas and flavors of this clean. crisp white wine. As you savor it on your tongue. you will pick up the subtle citrus flavor of this prominent classic wine. Riesling has a long, tart finish that  you will remember long after your last Sip. Pair it with pork, seafood or poultry for an unbeatable dining experience.

Bottle: $14.95    


American Red Table Wine 

This medium-bodied red favorite is abundantly loaded with flavor and is very smooth on the palate. Aged six months in Kentucky white oak barrels, it delights the senses with the distinctive flavor and aromas of plum and red currant. Pair it with a bold entree like steak or lamb chops, or serve it with pizza for a real taste bud experience.

Bottle: $17.95    


Semi-sweet Riesling 

The seductive flavors of this semi-sweet Riesling will delight your senses while you sip slowly and savor the taste of apple, citrus. peach and ripe honeydew. Enjoy it at the end of a long day with seafood or salad; or better yet, your favorite person. Who knows, you might want to enjoy that last glass in the hot tub.

Bottle: $14.95      


Cabernet Sauvignon

American Red Table Wine 

Cabernet Sauvignon is the biggest and boldest of the dry red wines. We've aged ours for six months in new Kentucky oak barrels. The subtle oak flavor perfectly compliments the dominant flavors of black cherry, black currant, and blackberry. The assertive fruity aromas will tickle your senses the second you pop the cork on this wine lover's favorite. Enjoy it with a steak dinner or several strong-flavored cheeses at your next get- together.

Bottle: $19.95    

Bluegrass Blend

Sweet White Wine 

The highly aromatic Native American grape varieties, Niagara and Catawba, cause the intense fresh-grape flavor to explode on your tongue like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Easily the most refreshing of the white wines, it makes you think of the most fun thing you've ever done! Savor it chilled with a light meal on the patio with someone special.

Bottle: $12.95    

Summer Daze

Sweet Concord

This sweet, soft wine is loaded with the distinctive flavor and aroma of the concord grape. This easy-drinking red is a favorite and can be served chilled or at room temperature. Mix it with sparkling grape juice to refresh you during the long, hot daze of summer.

Bottle: $12.95    

Specialty Wines

Zoey Rosé 

Semi-sweet Rosé

A well-balanced blend of Native American grapes produces this big. refreshing treasure. A very popular wine. the Rose explodes with the distinctive aromas and flavors of the Niagara and Concord grape. Just a sip will make you want to fly "Old Glory" high and proud! Best served chilled and shared with friends.

A portion of the sale of every bottle of Zoey Rose will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation in honor of Zoey Miles, a much-treasured little member of our family.

Bottle: $13.95    


Chocolate Concord Dessert Wine 

Infused with rich, dark chocolate, our concord is transformed into a chocolate lovers dream. A perfectly balanced blend, it is bursting with the flavors and aromas of cocoa and grapes. Serve it with a bit of quality chocolate after a sumptuous steak dinner for a dessert as decadent as it is delicious.

Bottle: $12.95      

Love Spell

Ice-Style Wine

Fall under the spell of this luscious ice-style wine created especially for lovers. Bursting with the sweet flavors and aromas of the white diamond grape, the qualities of this wine are enhanced by the post-harvest freezing process used to produce it. Love Spell gives new meaning to the old adage, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."

Bottle: $24.95    


Sweet Blackberry Wine

The unique Marion berry gives this big red delight its wonderful flavor and aroma. Grown in Marion County. Oregon. it is the most sought after blackberry of winemakers across the country. For those who love a wine daring enough to stand on its own yet sweet enough for dessert; this wine is for you.

Bottle: $13.95    


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