Pairing Food and Wine

Alright, first blogging experience for me, but with era of covid it's fun to try something new.

I thought i'd start with a question we hear a lot. Pairing food and wine. It can be complicated. The best rule is to drink the wine you like with the food you like. If it's not perfect, at least you'll like both things! You can get to a point where you really pick out particular elements (acid, salt, fat, etc) in your food to match with wine, but here is where you start:

  • Match the wine to the most prominent element in the dish. Red wine tends to go better with bolder meats, while white wine tends to go better light meats or green vegetables.
  • Match the weight of the wine to the weight of the food (light wine with a light meal or heavy wine with a heavy meal).
  • Match the wine to your sauce. Consider a pasta dish or bbq where the meat or veggie might not be the star flavor.
  • Keep high acid (sour) wines away from salty or spicy dishes. Try it with sweet or fatty dishes instead.
  • The wine should be sweeter than the food; especially important with dessert pairings.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment! You might be surprised by an awesome flavor combo! If the wine you picked doesn't go well with the food you're eating, have a glass of water handy to go in between.

Attached is chart I cooked up ;) to give you an idea of what to pair with Forest Edge wines specifically. Want to know what i'd try with a particular meal? Email me!


Wine Pairing Chart 3 (2).jpg